Decrease Costs


Our software can reduce redundant business processes, which results in faster project times and less redundant corporate activities.

Data Driven mAPPING

View, strategize with our integrated GIS maps that offer real-time insight into leasing and title activity. By adding our interactive mapping with a single source of data. Whether it is for your entire company or your client, gain insight into the assets that are purchased.

eQuisition Security

Secure. Stable. Resilient

The entire eQuisition solution is a cloud-based platform. It gives our users an interface for data entry whether in the office, meetings, courthouse or field. eQuisition is secure in any location. 

Don’t take our word on it, take our clients’ word!

It’s easy to tell you how great we are. Here’s what other people think of our services:

Todd Freeman – Devon Energy

“eQuisition has a lot of information that we utilize from an operational standpoint.  It provides us with the capability to easily track the progression of ongoing field efforts and to organize field data for maintenance purposes.  It handles any urgent land-related matter, and you can use eQuisition to identify who else is buying leases out there.  You can even identify your competitors — this program has saved our land team numerous hours”

Stacy Price – Indepdent Landman

“eQuisition is hands down the most comprehensive and full-service software that I have used. As our team has continued to grow, we have been able to quickly get each new member up and running using the multiple features available, rapidly increasing productivity and shortening any start-up delay. The functionality of the map makes leasing much simpler, as our team is able to identify areas of interest and build potential lease blocks with an interactive and constantly up to date map. Being able to convert raw data into a polished report makes tracking and reporting progress more precise and efficient. All of these features plus the ability to build a database of filed documents, title opinions, curative documents, and much more saves a tremendous amount of time and money. The ability to access all information and features from anywhere at any time greatly reduces downtime and increased our productivity exponentially. From managing a crew to being a field landman, the process is made easy with the many tools available on eQuisition. “

Brenda rose – Indepdent Landman

“I have utilized eQuisition for ten years as a contract landman.  Most of that time has been in the Eagle Ford Shale in a prospect encompassing over 100,000 acres.  eQuisition has allowed us to effectively compile every pertinent aspect of all tracts, units, and prospects into one location that is easy to navigate.  It allows you to track expenses for specific tracts, units or prospects; organize data pertinent to the specific tracts, units or prospects; complete contract billing; and create leases, memorandums and ratifications thus reducing the risk of errors in your documents. The mapping system allows you to effectively monitor lease check areas for possible development, progress in leasing, lease expiration dates, as well as mapped documentation of units and wells. It encompasses ease of navigation with simple searches and can be used from a mobile device as well. It is a proven, vital tool from start to finish in any Oil and Gas Land Management Program.

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