• We recommend eQuisition cloud hosting for decreasing operation costs for hardware, third-party software licenses, installation, maintenance, and support fees.

Lease Management Efficiency

It gives agents the ability to manage title research, lease acquisitions, units, assignment management, field mapping, depth severances, formation severances, and more all within one system as the work is being done.

  Track Ownership Rights
    • Get insight into title opinions
    • Track the status of curative work
    • Create ownership reports on up to date data
  Manage lease Obligations online
    • Receive electronic notifications
    • View, recommend and approve payments
  Lease Centralized land data
    • Support all types of agreements
    • Upload, Drag & Drop and retrieve files
    • Quickly pinpoint data with powerful search
  eQuisition Lease Acreage Position
    • Know positions by depth and formation
    • Expiration reports, acreage reports, and more