Acquiring Oil and Gas Leases: Streamlining the Process with Our Leasing Specialists    

Specialized Leasing Partner

What can eQuisition do for you? We deeply understand the process, with access to the latest information and technology. We have leased thousands of acres and will be able to track the complete history from start to finish!


Oil and Gas Leasing Simplified

Leasing is one of the most important operations in business today. We’ve made it easier than ever with our electronic population of your lease form and provisions, LPR, MOR, and more. We can get started right now!


Online System

We store your documents organized and in one place. With a secure, cloud-based Oil and Gas Management system, we provide transparency from the beginning, with all documents available for download anytime, anywhere. We securely store all your documents so you can access them anywhere and anytime–on the go!








Get in the fast lane to lease success with eQuisition. Start now!