eQuisition is the land management solution to consider.


an increase in your ROI, yes

eQuisition cuts a significant amount of time off of performing land work in the field. It lowers your operational costs between 20 to 30% and cuts at least 50% of your costs on the mapping side alone, as a result of increased productivity. Time is money. There’s no other way to say it. And with eQuisition, you can cut your production expenses, significantly.


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Lease Management

Oil and gas leasing is an expensive venture in today’s market. During lease acquisition, landmen must move quickly to acquire the best exploration areas. Start moving faster with our system and stay ahead of the rest. Our lease application is specifically designed to stream line leasing operations from start to finish. It gives agents the ability to manage title research, lease acquisitions, units, assignments management, field mapping, depth severances, formation severances, and more all within one system.

Memorandum of Oil and Gas Mineral Lease that could be produced in eQuisition

Data Management

When investments are high, every decision made in the land department must be sound. When glaring at information from spreadsheets, overlooking critical details is very easy. eQuisition interactive map displays real-time information so you can make sound decisions on the move.


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Unit Management

By creating real-time connections between our tract ownership and the lease, you can accurately allocate unit ownership. Add proposed XY coordinates to wells, site locations, and more. Leverage built-in automation for printing division orders, exhibit “A,” reports, and more instantly.

Automate the leasing process with eQuisition


 Automate Your Process

Work smarter, not harder, and reduce manual work by automating your overall process with specialty tools and functions.  Capitalize on our technology by investing once in a fully integrated solution.


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Broker Management

Pre-configured to meet the needs of your growing business.

It includes:

  • Designed by land professionals
  • Over 80 years of experience
  • Unmatched functionality for what you pay
  • No IT staff required
  • Access any device
  • Includes free online support and updates


View and strategize with our integrated GIS maps that offer real-time insight into leasing and title activity. By adding our interactive mapping with a single source of data. Whether it is for your entire company or your client, gain insight into the assets that are purchased.


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