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title management with GIS Visual

Tract management with GIS Visual

GIS Management


Unit / Production Management with GIS Visual 

  • Unit Identification
  • Ownership (Unit & Tract)
  • Tracts Listed for Specific Unit with Executive Ownership, Non-Participation, Non-Executive, Ect.
  • Create Division Order
  • Add Unit Designation
  • Create Exhibit “A”


Lease Management with gis visual

  • Lease/R-O-W Contracts
  • Lease Analysis
  • Mineral Ownership Reports
  • Lease Purchase Reports / Lease Data Sheets
  • Document Upload or Drag & Drop
  • Ratification Contracts


Reports Management

  • Management Only Reports
  • Billing Reports
  • Customizable Reports


Due Diligence Management

Personnel Management

Technology Management


Division Order Management


Division Order Management

  • Email Documents Directly to Related Tract
  • Dashboard Viewing of all System Activity
  • System Alerts & News
  • Oil & Gas Document Design Template
  • Notepad
  • File Browser
  •  Search Screen for the following databases: Tract Query, Tract Query, Lease Query, Lessor Query, Title Opinion Query, Unit Query, and Assignment Query
  • Database Column Specific Viewing for Certain Categories
  • Customizable Solutions
  • Programmable to any accounting package


Reports Management

  • Assignment Log & Upload
  • Assignment Auto Mapping
  • Exhibit(s) Builder
  • Leases Assigned
  • Document Upload or Drag & Drop