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eQuisition is a privately held software company headquartered in Houston, Texas. eQuisition markets a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) for tracking the land acquisition process for surface and sub-surface resources and referencing progress to highly accurate maps.

eQuisition Mission

eQuisition is committed to simplifying and improving the land acquisition process for exploration, mining, water, timber and telecommunication organizations to support business decision making.

eQuisition History

In 1993, a group of business consultants identified a crucial need to automate time sheets and billing for land brokers.  With decades of experience as a landman and crew chiefs, these professionals were intimately familiar with challenges involved in collecting, verifying, and managing labor and expense data provided by hundreds of brokers using paper reports.

The industry leaders developed an effective application, used successfully in the field 12 years.  In 2005 eQuisition was founded, and significant enhancements were made to the software, creating a technology breakthrough in landman information systems.