Features of eQuisition reinforce you’ll have a lot more control of every aspect of your oil, Gas, and mineral acquisition and management

Data grids. with a click of the mouse

View all your data in grids in MS Office Excel.  Filter, sort, and drill down — all with the click of a mouse.



Mapping Instantly

Data Driven GIS maps are tied directly to your system so you instantly view the changes and make the necessary decisions.  A MAP is worth a thousand words, eQuisition provides the complete story.  

Time Sheets. Effortlessly

Brokers time and expenses are directly tied to their work.  Time is entered, receipts are uploaded, and a project invoice is generated with ease.



Dashboard. You’ll know what’s going on and who’s doing what.

Review all of your leasing operations from a single screen — what has been worked on and by whom.  Activity by brokers is ranked and all the work in progress is easily identified.

Secure. stable. resilient

From login to daily use, your activity, passwords, and tax numbers are encrypted using SSL/TLS secure tunnels.  Data is stored in a private database for each and every client.  And the resilient Amazon network provides 99.9% up-time and scale ability for expansion.